Things I Tell Myself 0.0


Originally I would have called this blog : What I wished I told my younger self however seeing that I am still in my early twenties I still have much to learn about life. Working in an industry where image and looks are important, I think it's equally important to have a healthy mental well being and looking after it. To not get caught up in the hype and to stay grounded in a firm and positive foundation.

For me it's my belief in Christ, my family and close friends. Do I still get tempted by the glamour of the world? Of course! The difference is that I recognize the traps sooner and avoid them. (that too is a daily task).

I try to surround myself with like minded and positive people with whom I can not only share with but also learn from. 

So for the next couple of days or weeks I just wanted to share some things I wished I knew when I was younger and things that I have to remind myself on a daily basis.

Hopefully they can help you too?

Until next time