My Luvvvv for Lush Cosmetics


It all began when I was 13 years old and moved to London. I began to notice that my skin was breaking out. Puberty has officially started and it was right on time. At the same time, I was scouted by a top modelling agency in London. Who recommended that I saw a dermatologic for my skin. Turns out I had mild acne. Meaning that I had spots all over my face but mainly around my cheeks, chin and forehead (all over my face basically). I tried so many products, form Clinique, Neutrogena, Garner and more but nothing seemed to help. If it wasn’t drying out my skin then it was just making It worst. I then went to a spa in Southend where I lived for a few years. And they used Dermalogica which seemed to work for it a bit but after a few months the spots were back with a vengeance. I was 16 now and about to start college so I used to try and cover up my face with make-up which people told me would just make it worse however I felt very insecure about it. I think If I had a skin treatment underneath the make-up maybe it wouldn’t be so bad (my theory). SO, I used to layer and layer and layer it on.

I then started a new job at Lush. I liked how colorful the store was and how friendly the staff was. I spoke to them about my skin and they gave me some samples. Soon afterwards I started working there. I started off with Herbalism face cleanser and my skin began to improve dramatically then I followed it up with their Thee Tree toner and their moisturiser which I felt wasn’t right for me to so stuck with just those two items. Now a good 10+ years later I still use Herbalism and other Lush items (see list below)  in my skin care routine apart from their moisturisers. (and some other stuff) in my skin care routine. I might give it another try but then again “if its not broken then why fix it”. I loved how they treated the staff and gave us training videos and a factory trip. It made you understand the company and their ethics. Understanding the ingredients and how it can help you and where it comes from. That stuck with me so not only did their products work for me but I also knew and understand what’s in them. Their use of natural ingredients. And being a keen DIYer I tend to experiment and make my own skin/body care and this is all due to lush opening my eyes to natural ingredients

I hope it has encouraged you to try the same too and to try and understand not only what goes in to your body but also what you put on in.



1. Mask of Magnaminty

2. Herbalism

      3. Dark Angels



Some of my current favorite items from lush:

  • Herbalism – great gentle exfoliation
  • Dark Angles – Exfoliates and has charcoal in to so it’s a deep cleaner too
  • Let The Good Times Roll – again another face cleanser (there’s a theme here) has oats in it so it calms the skin (great for rough make up days)
  • Mask of Magnaminty – Amazing face mask with a minty fresh kick!
  • The Comforter – Bubble bar
  • Ultrablend – Make up remover. So easy to use. Just rub it all over your face and remove with a hot flannel or cotton pad . Has jojoba oils and more so very soothing for the skin

Until next time