DIY - Wig Bags

I travel a lot of work and at times I have to carry my own extensions and wigs with me to all these different countries. I used to store them in plastic zip bags which was ok but I wanted to try something new. Something that could possible keep the hairs soft and shiny during transit and storage. 

Every night I wrap my hair in a satin bonnet as they call it, to protect my natural hair and prevents it from drying out or rubbing on harsh cotton. Then it hit me. Why not store the wigs in satan bags. Ideally it would be silk but I have so many extensions and hair pieces that I'm not willing to break the bank (yet). 

So challenged accepted!

See below how I did it and how I got on



So I had to buy the fabric and in true Rose fashion I opted for black. No particular reason I just like the colour. The tools I used were: scissors, ruler, a un-picker incase things go wrong (it will happen), around 4 meter of fabric, some pins and of course a sewing machine (thanks sis).



I haven't touched a sewing machine since I was 14ish. I made a bright pink dress and came second in my area in Southend Essex *Small proud moment there. But some of the teachings stuck with me.

  • I folded the fabric (length wise or vertically) in half and then I measured around 3cm or (1inch and a bit) seam allowance on one side of the rough edge that I wanted to hide when sewing.  
  • I then measured out the bag size I wanted and placed pins around it so that the fabric wont move while cutting in to the fabric. 
  • Before cutting in to the fabric make sure to measure the bag size you want and if you have enough fabric. I used A4 paper to make a template and measured out how many bags I could get out of my fabric. Turned out I made 14 bags! 
  • Sewing time! As you can see I still have the pin in the fabric as it helps it to not shift while moving it along on the showing machine. Just make sure to remove them each time you get closure to the head of the machine. You don't want to break you needle!!
  • Sew the bag inside out. Meaning the shinny parts are touching each other and you sew on the non shiny fabric. In the picture I was sewing the top part of the bag. They opening. but as you go to the sides and the bottom you will sew and keep that seam allowance in mind - where you have placed the pins. That way when you are done all you have to do is turn the bag inside out

Hope that bit made sense !

  • Most of my bigs are either long or curly so I needed a bag that was more on the longer side than wide. My bags were around 10ish cm in length 
  • As you can see you want your bag to look like this when you have finished sewing. All pins removed and still reversed. When you are done then you turn it inside out with the shiny part on the outside - making it the right way round 
  • After you have turned it inside out (right way) it should look like this. Notice how there are no rough edges on the top :) Its just missing one thing. Something to keep the bag closed. I went to a string that i made out of left over fabric.
  • Same as with the bags I had two thick strips of fabric that I sewed the same way. Shinny to shinny. and turned it. Leaving both ends open I then turned them inside out. 

And here is the final result! 

Hope this made sense and if you do decide to make your own feel free to comment and let me. know how you got on 



Until Next Time