One Quick Acne Fighting Toner


So after my deep cleaning mask I wanted to tone my face. Why use a toner? See it as this - You use dishwashing soap (face wash) to clean your plate, then use water (toner) to get rid of the soap and other bits that might remain. If that makes any sense? hah! It helps to restore your skin's PH balance, close pores and more. So just a extra cleanse before moisturising my face. I have added a quick toner recipe below that also received my husbands approval - so it is guy friendly too! Hardly any fragrance to it and I have also added a goodie from LUSH Cosmetics that I have recently rediscovered to fight my spots during the nighttime (or day under make up).  So lets get started! 



The Process


As you can see in the image I have got the following: Glass bowl, Tea Tree oil and Witch Hazel. 2 ingredients to make this toner. Then I will use cotton pads or balls to apply the toner on my face. At the end I will use the *Sweet Almond Oil and Grease Lightening gel from Lush for moisture and acne treatment.

*Sweet Almond Oil comes from edible almonds rather than bitter almonds. These ones have a more nuttier smell and more commonly used in skincare and culinary receipts. Where with the bitter almonds they tends to be used as a essential oil. 



Some quick reasons why I used these ingredients:

  • Witch Hazel - tightens pores, remove excess sebum from the skin, acne fighter, anti-inflammatory and more
  • Tea Tree Oil - anti-inflammatory, reduces scars, soothes dry skin, fights acne and more 
  • Almond Oil - packed with vitamin A, mild hypoallergenic oil, antioxidants, moisturising and more 
  • Grease Lightening gel - calming, prevents bacteria growth, filled with acne fighting ingredients

For a small batch I only poured around 4/5 tablespoons of Witch Hazel in to the bowl. 


Then I add around 3 drops of Tea Tree oil - too much and the smell can get a bit overpowering. Then mix the two ingredients together - quite straight forward  

So I ended up making a bit to much of the toner. However no fear I just kept adding cotton pads until they were saturated and damp but not completely soaked. I stored the ones I didn't used in the fridge and used it on my husband later that evening. If I have made a larger batch I would have stored it in a mini spray container or use more cotton pads and store it in a sealed mason type jar. 

Here I am in my matching African print dress and headwrap that my mum made me. Her version of maternity wear and i LOVE IT!! anyway back to the DIY Toner blog 

Here I am in my matching African print dress and headwrap that my mum made me. Her version of maternity wear and i LOVE IT!! anyway back to the DIY Toner blog 

My skin felt so refreshed and clear!! 


After toning my skin I poured a small amount of the Sweet Almond oil in my hands and gave my face a mini massage

image 4.JPEG

And finally I applied the Grease Lightening gel directly on to the spots. Its packed with acne fighting ingredients such as Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and more. As I mentioned before in the blog you use the gel at night however I also used it under my make up. I wouldn't go crazy and apply a thick layer just a thin layer and allowed it to dry fully before applying my make up as normally.  Using every opportunity to keep those spots at bay!

So this is a toner that I could easily use every day and add to my day to day skin routine. Let me know how you get on and if you have any other questions. Hope to hear for you all soon :) 

Until next time