D.I.Y Salt Body Scrub & Aloe Vera mask


Warning - Never put salt near or on a open wound or freshly shaven legs :S

- common sense but safety first! - 

NOW that is out of the way - we can move on :)

D.I.Y Salt Scrub

Body scrubs! you can get them anywhere from your local beauty store or even supermarkets. I like to know whats in my products and at the same time save a pretty penny.  So for this scrub I wanted something that gets rid off dry skin and replaces it with moisture. For this mix I used salt this time purely because I didn't have enough brown sugar at home but you can use one or the other. Salt scrub is great for the face, feet scrub and body. It also helps with exfoliating the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells, increasing of glow, its relaxing and many more.  

In this scrub I used 4 - 6 tablespoons of course sea salt, 2 - 3 tablespoon of almond oil, half a table spoon of coconut oil. I a few drops of Vitamin E oil as a extra. Its meant to help preserve the scrub for a few days longer by slowing down the oxidation in the product "every little helps eh". *Optional - I also add a few drops of lavender oil but I ran out of it :( not essential but it has a nice small and relaxing. 

Mix all the ingredients together

Mix all the ingredients together

For something extra you can always add some charcoal - one of my favorite ingredients. And all you need is one pill - and not the handful that you see in the picture. It helps deep cleanse the skin and so much more. But not to be used as a daily scrub as it might get rid of your natural body oils so I only made a small amount.

*NOTE - It gets messy!! So be prepared to do some cleaning up. So to avoid the coal sticking to the bath and shower walls. I would suggest making a smaller scrub enough for a single usage and a smaller amount or no oil.  I use mine as a foot scrub or for just under my arm pits :). 

D.I.Y Aloe Vera mask

Aloe Vera - picked up this little plant from IKEA and it was love at first sight. (I'm sure you can get one at your local florist - possibly - hopeful -)

Aloe Vera has so many health benefits for the body and skin inside and out. I am using a well known remedies for acne prone skin. Although my skin is good now I still use these types of skincare routines to keep it in check. I picked the biggest leaf of the plant. Giving the rest of the leaves some more time to grow.

I have used 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and mixed it together with the Aloe Vera. The honey has antibacterial, antiseptic, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties that helps protect the skin and fight off acne germs. Both the honey and the lemon help with fading scars. It might take a while but its a natural way of getting it done.

*Optional - add a teaspoon of milk. And milk has so many benefits and just to name a few: good for dry skin,  meant to help with tissue repair and help fading scars. Another item I would add is Tea Tree oil which is a staple against acne. Its a great natural cleanser just like with the honey it a natural strong anti bacterial agent that protects the skin. Never to be use directly on the skin as its quite harsh (like most essential oils) but mixed in with other products or carrier oils such as jojoba or almond oil. And of course never to be ingested :) 

Mixing the juice with the honey by hand 

Extracting the juice from the leaf. There are some YouTube videos with some handy tips on how to remove it and it took me a few trials to find one that worked for me. It is important that after you cut the leaf from the plant to lean it against something to drain it. Allowing the "yellow juice" to ooze out. After a few minutes you are good to go.

Here is how I extracted the now clear Aloe Vera juice. 

  • I cut the leaf in smaller pieces 
  • Then with a short knife I inset the knife between the skin and the clear block. 
  • I drag the knife along the skin, going round
  • Then squeezing the Aloe Vera out of its skin.

Hopefully my explanation made some sense if not - YouTube is our friend!

I mixed all the ingredients together by hand but as you can see the Aloe Vera bits are quite chunky (and extremely slimy). So I used the blender to finish it off.  It will became a bit foamy but that calms down once you put it in the fridge for a hour or so. I have decided not to put in any vitamin E purely because I intend to use this mask within two days. So best to make such masks in smaller quantities. 

And here is the final result straight out of the blender - a bit foaming by that will calm down after a while.

Storage: In the fridge and use in a few days (2 - 3 days max) Water based products expire faster than oil based ones.

Until next time

XO Rose