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A Personal Essay On The Changing Faces Of Beauty

Aug 03, 2018

By Noa Vee


I personally believe that your environment constantly changes your views on what beauty is.

As a black woman I would look at my immediate family members; my sister and cousin who are tall and slim and my mother being a bit more rounded and short. I would compare myself to them and think that I didn’t look like any of those women. As a young girl growing up, I had thicker thighs and a bum but a super flat chest and so my family and kids at school would tease me about the size of my bum.

So, I started to look outside the women around me....

photo by Rafael Clemente 

photo by Rafael Clemente 

Meet Rose Concencion,The Model Making A Positive Impact On Female Representation in Fashion

May 7, 2018


By staying true to herself, Rose Concencion has shown that as a woman you don’t have limit yourself in order to fit the boxes society sets out. The successful Concencion, represented by Models 1, is sharing her experiences as a black curve model to better the representation of women in Fashion. We sat down the Concencion to find out how she began as a model, overcoming the issue of being the ‘token’ black girl on set and her hopes for the future.


5 Curve Models on What's Good and Bad in the "Plus Size" Fashion World

Mar 26, 2018

by Who What Wear

Change is a coming, people. For girls with curves or anyone who has struggled to find their dream trend-ticking, personality-fulfilling fashion pieces over the years due to a shortage in the sizes on offer or a noticeable lack of design credibility, things feel like they're turning in the right direction.

The terminology is still a minefield—should there even be a separation between supposedly "straight" sizes and "plus" sizes? There's still a problematic ratio in regards to how many consumers are looking for sizes outside of the once-standard set and the models that are chosen to feature in campaigns or even be photographed for e-commerce. And, whenever I'm on the hunt for cool "curve" fashion pieces, I do hit a bit of a wall—there's a great deal of lazy, boring, unflattering product out there—and constantly question why this category is such an afterthought when the average size in the UK is a 16.